Continuing Award

When a congregation has been awarded three awards (covering a period of nine years in total) they can apply for a continuing award.

Criteria for Continuing Award

A congregation which has already obtained a third award and wishes to continue as an award holding congregation is required to meet two criteria:

1. It continues to be active in the three core areas of Spiritual Living, Practical Living and Global Living as itemised on the Eco-Congregation Scotland website, and

2. It demonstrates innovation in, at least, one of the three areas sustained over the preceding three years. The assessment of whether a congregation meets these two criteria will involve a written report (every three years following the expiring of the third award) or a written report plus a visit by an assessment panel (every six years following the expiring of the third award).

The award will comprise an undated Eco-Congregation Scotland plaque with the option of identifying the area of innovation.

Criterion 1 requires a written report (of not more than 1000 words) in which continuity of activity in Spiritual Living, Practical Living and Global Living is clearly demonstrated.

Criterion 2 requires further information relating to one, or more of these three core areas, which demonstrates innovation over and above what has been undertaken previously in that area(s). Without being unduly prescriptive, “innovation” requires evidence of sustained and successful new activity which can be seen as a “step-change” from previous work. This second part of the report should not exceed 1000 words.

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