Baton Relay


Eco-Congregation Scotland is taking a baton to Paris, to express the demands of churches in Scotland that negotiators agree to a deal that promotes global climate justice. The baton, which will pass around churches in Scotland throughout the summer of 2015, will carry the hopes and aspirations of Christians across Scotland for climate justice to be central to any agreement reached at the conference.

What is happening ?

  • Greyfriars Recycling of Wood have made a baton for Eco-congregation Scotland from recycled church furniture.
  • The baton bears the message Time for Climate Justice: Churches in Scotland Demand a Deal in Paris, December 2015.
  • The relay was launched by Aileen McLeod MSP, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform at our Annual Gathering on 25th of April:DSC_0064b
  • In December 2015 the baton will be taken to the UN climate change conference in Paris to share our message with other churches and delegates.


See where the baton is going

You can have a look at this map and calendar of where the baton is going  to get an idea of when it will be in your area. There are two batons in order to cover as much as Scotland as possible (which is why it will appear that it is in two places at once on many dates!). Green markers indicate where the baton has travelled so far; red markers indicate where it will be going.



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If you are a local church congregation you can book the baton to visit your church when it is passing through your area. As the route is dependent on who signs up please contact us as soon as possible to get your name on the list. Please send an email to (or use our contact form here) stating the name of your congregation, its location, plus your name and phone number. We will get in touch to arrange a date.

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We ask that all congregations receiving the baton do the following:

  • Fill out one of the postcards and post it to us so we can collect them together and give to the Climate Change minister to show where the baton has been.
  • Contact the local press (newspaper or maybe local radio).
  • Put an article in your own church magazine.
  • Contact other local congregations (of all denominations) and ask them to take part.

When you receive the baton there will be a pack containing printed information. If any of this is missing you can download a copy here:

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If you see the baton, tell us where it is, hashtag: #cop21baton

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  • Video: Deposit Return, how it Works

    Eco-Congregation Scotland supports the Have You Got The Bottle campaign to introduce a deposit return scheme for drink containers in Scotland. If we look internationally—Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia—massive efforts are underway to introduce or expand existing programs, as governments recognize deposit-return as a modern solution to litter caused by single-use bottles and cans as well as far superior recycling rates. New laws have received much public support, and most respondents to public opinion polls support expansion of existing deposit laws.

    To help explain how deposit-systems actually work, Reloop has put together a short animation film. This video takes the viewer through the deposit return cycle in an easy-to-understand visual way, explaining how the system works – money flow, material flow, who pays etc.


  • Sweeping over the void – of a groaning creation

    We found this prayer on Sanctuary First:


    Oceans suffocated by plastic
    Groaning to be free.
    God of creation,
    we join their lament.

    Trees coughing alongside motorways
    Groaning to be free.
    God of creation,
    we join their lament.

    Glaciers melting with tears
    Groaning to be free.
    God of creation
    we join their lament.

    Islands slipping beneath rising waves
    Groaning to be free.
    God of creation,
    we join their lament.

    God, our Creator,
    Who gives us responsibility
    For this beautiful planet
    Forgive our selfish, unthinking ways
    Poisoning the ground beneath our feet.

    Christ, our Redeemer,
    Free us from our foolishness
    With a new sense of wonder
    And a new desire to tread carefully
    On this precious earth today. Amen.

    by Rev Peter Neilson

  • New Awards Scheme from August 2017

    We announced at our AGM in April that we were hard at work revamping our Awards scheme and would have more to say at a later date. Well that date has arrived and we’re pleased to reveal that as of the 1st of August 2017, we will be accepting applications for our new awards

    A new set of more challenging award criteria has now been developed, replacing the previous award scheme. All eco-congregations (whether they have previous awards or not) will be able to apply for awards at bronze, silver or gold levels.  Under the new award system, congregations may apply for an award at any time, and applications can be made at any level – bronze, silver or gold. There is no need to apply for a bronze award first if the congregation already meets the criteria for a silver or gold award.

    Applications under the new award system will be accepted from 1 st August 2017. If you are a current Award holder or have questions – you can look at our Awards page, read of our FAQs or get in touch!

  • Religious leaders join interfaith rainforest initiative

    Religious leaders join interfaith rainforest initiative in Oslo.

    “New hope for world’s tropical forests arises as the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist leaders join indigenous forest guardians to launch global effort to end deforestation”. Read more here

  • The Carbon Credentials of Smartphones

    An interesting article raising the question of the carbon footprint of mobile phones. Worth a read 

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