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Use this form to register your Congregation or Parish as an Eco-Congregation. We will email you a copy of your completed form for your records as soon as you submit it to us.

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Registration is free. If you wish to become a member of the charity there is a fee.

If you tick the box below the Representative named here becomes a member of Eco-Congregation Scotland, Charity No. SC041287, representing the named church/organisation. They have full voting rights at the AGM, can nominate people to the board and shape the vision of Eco-Congregation Scotland. Member congregations pay an annual membership fee of £50 if their annual turnover is under £100,000 and £100 if it is above this. Churches with a turnover of less than £10,000 are exempt and any church can apply to the board for an exemption if they are unable to pay.


I affirm that environmental issues/caring for God’s creation form part of our organisation’s life and mission and that we wish to register as an eco-congregation.