Managing your carbon footprint

Ideas for Action – Managing your carbon footprint

Information and tools on managing and reducing your carbon footprint

Care for creation is at the heart of the Eco-Congregation movement. “The earth is the Lord’s” declares the psalmist (Psalm24:1). It is God’s creation, not ours to do with as we please. In the Biblical creation stories God subordinates rule over creation to humans to “fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:26-28).

But in doing so God lays on human beings the responsibility for how we manage the earth and every living creature, in ways consistent with the ways of the Owner, to whom we will have to give account. This expresses the now familiar notion of stewardship or trusteeship. (Genesis2:15) We are also called to be partners with the rest of creation and co-partners in the ongoing creative and renewing activity of God. In caring for what God has created, we care for ourselves, because in God’s providence and wisdom our flourishing is dependent on the flourishing of creation. To care for what God has created is therefore also to care for each other, and especially for the poor and vulnerable.


This Idea for Action presents information and tools to help you to manage and reduce your carbon footprint, as well as the carbon footprint of your church.

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Additional materials

Calculate your Carbon Footprint HERE

After gathering information about how much electricity or gas you use in your household and church buildings from your fuel bills, use the calculator below to work out the footprint of your household and church buildings.

Download Carbon Calculator (doc, 14kb)

A large component in your carbon footprint is likely to be travel, particularly if you drive a car. Every litre of petrol or diesel used in a car engine contributes over two kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. By recording how much fuel you use you can work out how much your car is contributing to your overall carbon footprint, using the simple calculator below.

Download Carbon Calculator: Car Travel (.doc, 14kb)

For an online version of these calculators click here.

Additional Resources

The Church of England have a range of useful tools to help your reduce your carbon footprint. They recently launched a free smartphone application to help you reduce your carbon footprint on the go.

What is Climate Change? Impacts on communities in Bangladesh

2010 Publication by James S. Pender, on climate change, its impacts and possible community based responses in Bangladesh.


Carbon Rationing Actions Groups (CRAGs) are a network of local grassroots groups dedicated to reducing their own carbon footprints and those of their communities. They set themselves carbon allowances which they reduce year-on-year. Then, over an annual cycle, groups usually reward or penalise members that undershoot or exceed their allowance – putting excess funds into low carbon projects or offsets.

The urgency of climate change demands action from Christians. In response to this, CRAGs have produced a series of four bible studies with the aim of helping churches and Christians understand the issue, both thologically, and practically. The aim is to help Christians to engage much more closely with the issue of climate change and model a sustainable use of God’s resources in our own lives. This is an integral part of our discipleship, our worship and our mission.

The bible studies and associated resources are available here.