CSV Action Earth 2010 campaign, 01.03.-31.07.2010

CSV Action Earth 2010 campaign, 01.03.-31.07.2010

CSV – Community Service Volunteers – want to empower people to take action in their community. To do this, they have two different grants to give to groups of volunteers who are carrying out local environment projects or who are improving biodiversity in Scotland. As 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity, there is no better time to get involved.

1. The SNH Biodiversity Awards of £250 are aimed at groups that support and encourage Scottish Biodiversity through practical conservation and environmental projects. You can also apply for additional Action Earth grants (below).

2. The easy-to-access CSV Action Earth awards of £50 help projects to purchase plants, tools and materials and to cover volunteer expenses. Projects have included pond and woodland clearances, litter picks, planting projects and habitat creation (e.g bird, bat and insect boxes). You can apply for up to 3 of these for different projects on different dates.

Please go to http://www.actionearth.org.uk for more information on both grants. You can download application forms from there or apply online.

Please register as early as possible (especially for events at the end of the campaign) as awards are handed out on a first come basis. They will also send out emailed updates to registered projects on additional sources of funding, both large and small scale, that will help you in maintaining and enhancing your work. SCV are grateful to SNH and Morrisons for their support.

We do hope that you will be able to participate in the campaign. Please contact Robert Henderson if you have any questions about the campaign or your planned project, at rhenderson@csv.org.uk or 0131 222 9083/ 0131 622 7766.

Please also forward this document to any groups or individuals you think may be interested in applying.