Interest free loans available

The Energy Saving Trust is providing interest free loans to charities and community groups (including churches) to encourage them to install renewable energy technologies or measures that reduce energy consumption.

The full details, including the application forms, can be found here:

This is a key resource and a great opportunity for eco-congregations to carry out work on their biuldings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Network Seminar – 10th September 2011

Saturday 10th September 2011
11am – 4pm

Stirling Methodist Church, Queen Street, Stirling, FK8 1HL
(map – )

Networks play a vital role in helping Eco-Congregation Scotland assist individual eco-congregations fulfil their mission. They also play a key role in sustaining the organisation.

We would like to invite you to this seminar for network coordinators and others – we suggest that two or three people from each network attend. It is a chance for us to discuss together the future development of networks and how they can best be supported.

Items for discussion will include:

  • The growing role and development of networks (The purpose of our networks – current and possible future)
  • How can we help and support networks in this role
  • How can networks help Eco-Congregation Scotland flourish
  • Help with award assessment process

In attendance: Ewan Aitken (Chair of the Board, Eco-Congregation Scotland), Gordon Hudson (Manager), Margaret Warnock (Coordinator) plus other Board members.

Tea and coffee will be served, but please bring a packed lunch.

Please reply, by 1st September, with the names of those who will be attending from your network so we know how many people are coming.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you there!

Congregational mergers and linkages.

Due to the number of mergers and linkages which have taken place over the past few years we have had to revise the figures for the number of eco-congregations. In doing this we have developed the following policy:

  1. When an eco-congregation merges with another church (whether they are an eco-congregation or not) the congregation resulting from the merger can remain as a single eco-congregation.
  2. Two or more linked congregations can register separately as eco-congregations or join Eco-Congregation Scotland as separate members.
  3. In all cases of new mergers and linkages the congregations will need to contact the manager of Eco-Congregation with any change of congregation name and updated contact details.

We hope this makes sense and that it helps people know what to do if they are part of a merger or linkage.

ECS resources for Creation Time

Eco-Congregation Scotland has been involved in the planning for this year’s Creation Time, and prepared some of the resources which are now available on the CTBI website.

Creation Time runs between 1 September and 4 October each year, and is celebrated by more and more churches around the world. This year’s theme is Our Daily Bread – Food in God’s creation.

You can read and download information and resources for your congregation on the CTBI website.

Second award for Skene Parish Church!

Skene Parish Church achieved their second Eco-Congregation Award!

The assessors were particularly impressed by:

  • The innovative scheme to recycle first aid kits from maritime life boats, which has the potential to be replicated in other geographical areas. The church has access to all the first aid kits from Aberdeen but other ports may be able to make links with similar churches.
  • The “Dig for Creation” potato project and the way in which this was used both practically and educationally by involving the congregation with the planting and explaining the project’s merits to the local community.
  • The recycling project which is thorough and inspirational.
  • The positive way the eco-group functions, bringing other individuals and groups in.


Award for Cranhill Parish Church

Congratulations to Cranhill Parish Church in Glasgow on achieving their first Eco-Congregation Award!

The assessors particularly commended the congregation for the following:

  •  The close relationship that has been established with the Cranhill Community Project which has enabled the church to achieve so much in the community.
  • The huge amount that the church achieves on its own, which is particularly impressive given the size and limited capacity of the congregation.
  • The Green Pledge (their code of conduct respecting the environment) that is displayed at the entrance to the building and is signed by all staff. This is a very visible and real commitment to Environmental Stewardship.

Well done!