Special offer for Eco-Congregations on the Dyson Airblade hand dryer.

The Dyson AirbladeTM is a hand dryer that has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to other hand dryers.

Dyson Air Blade hand dryer

According to a Life Cycle Analysis carried out by a leading research institute it concludes that the Dyson Airblade hand dryer has the lowest environmental impact of a range of hand drying systems from paper towels to other warm air dryers.

In fact, this leading research institute concluded that paper towels and standard warm air dryers are the two worst performing type of hand drying for the environment


The Airblade is already in use in a number of churches including Dalgety Parish Church:

As one of the few meeting places in this new community, Dalgety Parish Church is always busy – as well as accommodating a large range of church and community groups, five days a week the halls are home to a toddler playgroup and an Out of School Club for primary school children. The facilities have to withstand lots of use, especially the main washrooms, where paper towels were installed to dry hands. However they were costing the church too much (£1,750 in 2008 alone) so the Treasurer, Bruce Marshall, decided to search for an alternative. “It wasn’t only the financial cost that concerned us,” explains Bruce. “As a member of Eco Congregation, (which recognises the environmental work by UK churches) we knew that paper towels contribute to landfill and are carbon intensive to manufacture, transport and collect – so the replacement dryer would need to have a low environmental impact as well.“ “We found the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer website,” says Bruce. “It calculated the savings we’d make if we replaced paper towels with the Dyson machine. Next we asked for a demonstration.” Dyson visited the church hall with a demo kit. “We were all impressed,” comments Bruce. “Ten seconds to dry hands and far less expensive than paper towels. We installed two units straight away – they’ve lowered the church’s costs and environmental impact.”

Eco-Congregation Scotland is not endorsing this product, but we know that a number of congregations are interested in it and some have used it successfully. Scott Coppola Electrical Distributors (EEL) are offering a discount to churches who wish to install Airblade and we are happy to pass this on to any congregations who are interested. The dryers would be ordered using a special discount code from an electrical wholesaler and installed by your usual electrician. 

It may be possible to fund the installation costs from an interest free loan from the Energy Saving Trust .

If you are interested please contact the Eco Congregation for further details by emailing – manager@ecocongregationscotland.org

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This article is based on the experience of some congregations. Other hand driers are available.