Upcoming events to note

On 19th March there will be a public meeting at the Wynd Centre in Paisley on ‘A Fair Share: Global Poverty, Climate Change and Britain’s Carbon debt’ with the Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, Secretary of State for international Development; Deborah Doane, Director of the World Development Movement and Rev Ian Galloway, Convener of the Church of Scotland’s Church & Society Council. All are welcome, no need to book – more information can be found here (pdf, 494kb).

The Society, Religion and Technology Project celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year. Please find further information on the events marking this celebration here (pdf, 460kb).

As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Prof John Houghton, the former co-chair of the nobel prize winning international panel on climate change (IPCC) will give a lecture on God, science and global warming, discussing the role of science in humanity’s response to the ecological crisis and what role faith has to play in it. This will take place on 15th April at the Edinburgh University School of Informatics. More information on the event and how to book tickets can be found at http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/Events/Big-Ideas/God-Science-and-Global-Warming.

The Scottish Borders Community Fair on Inspirational Sustainable Resources, on 21st and 22nd May in Galashiels might also be of interest to you. Further details here (doc, 184kb).

We have also been asked to inform you about the Edinburgh Garden Share Scheme, run by Care and Repair Edinburgh. They match people who struggle to keep their gardens in order with people who would like the space to grow – there are thousands on the allotment waiting list, and some older and disabled people cite worry over their gardens as a reason why they move out of their homes. They aim to reduce that worry and isolation, to encourage more people to grow and share their fruit and veggies to improve diets and to reduce the carbon emissions associated with growing and transporting food. If you are interested in hearing more about the project, please contact Andrew Dawson on AndrewDawson@careandrepairedinburgh.org.uk.