2023 Week 2: 10th September


[Exodus 12 and Psalms 149 & 119]: Local churches  and denominations vary in their commitment to the defining festivals of our faith, whether it’s ‘just another Sunday’ or  the heavy demands of Harvest, Christmas,Easter and Pentecost, or the longer journeys of  discipline and reflection in Advent and Lent. Then there’s this  more recently defined Season of Creation, training us as responsible peacemakers and partners in the health of God’s Earth. Whatever you do, and however much or little you do, make all of it count, and seek out the potential for motivation and meaning: lip-service and  ‘just going through the motions’ reflects ingratitude for such opportunities passed on through many generations of  a global family gathered through the shared ‘blood’ of Christ. Ezekiel  (33) affirms both the deadly  seriousness of chosen injustice and the transformational value of changing course, even when it seems too late. Paul (Romans 13) continues to work on the moral  quality and integrity of the worshipping, witnessing  community:  fellowship  and mutual love are the foundations of effective action. This leads on in Matthew 18 into the extraordinary care to be shown in church discipline, noting how harmful  attitudes and actions left unattended can disrupt the entire community – and yet how a beloved yet wayward member should not simply be sacrificed ‘for the common good’.  Be proud of this heritage. And don’t be afraid to assert it against less loving ways.