Advent 2022: Last Things First

A series of four varied and challenging reflections giving an alternative – but valid – view of familiar Advent Lectionary Readings. Filmed on location across the Flow Country in the North of Scotland and for Week 1 only the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Also all four Gospel readings and two from Isaiah, all on location.

Advent Calendar ( Daily short reflective clip, 2 mins 20 max) : click here !

**** One tree was planted in the Eco-Congregation Supporters and Friends Grove for each ‘sermon’, to acknowledge , not offset, the footprint.

Below everything else, bottom of page, a ‘Stilling Video’ filmed at Forsinard Flows

Main Video Reflections (readings and approximate script below each)

Week 1

The reflection for week 1 is a series of linked thoughts, rather than a continuous ‘sermon’. Location: West Kip Hill in the Pentlands, near Edinburgh

Advent Sunday 1 Reflection text

Advent Sunday 1 Reflection

Gospel for Advent Sunday 1

Reading for Advent Sunday 1

Week 2

Advent Sunday 2 Reflection text

Reflection for Advent Sunday 2

Gospel for Advent Sunday 2

Week 3

Advent Sunday 3 Reflection text

Reflection for Advent Sunday 3

Gospel for Advent Sunday 3

Reading for Advent Sunday 3

Week 4

Advent Sunday 4 Reflection text

Reflection for Advent Sunday 4

Gospel for Advent Sunday 4

Stilling video

introduction to prayer, worship or reflection