Notes Of A Meeting Between Brendan O’Hara MP With Constituents At Ardrishaig, 11 November 2016


The meeting was organised by Ardrishaig Church Eco-Group with support from Christian Aid.
Brendan made a short presentation on climate justice including the following points:

  • Had previously met constituents to discuss climate justice and Malawi. The impact of climate change on Malawi shows us that poverty and climate change are closely linked. Women, in particular, are impacted.
  • We are responsible so we have to think of our impact on others. The impacts are global but the poor always take the brunt.
  • UK ministry of defence is concerned about defence implications of climate change, leading to displacement, forced migration, and social dislocation. The MoD suggests by 2040 75% of the world’s population will live in megacities, driven in part by climate migration.


Discussion Points

Government in London has to recognise the diversity of circumstances across the UK and energy policy needs to reflect this. The UK government policy on renewable is bad and retrogressive as is the election of Donald Trump. But we can work locally and with partners overseas to address specific problems.

  • How do we change attitudes towards energy use?
  • Critical of Hinckley Point decision and in favour of wind power in Argyll. Members of audience critical of large energy companies role in renewables and in grid ownership.
  • Climate change is scary, and our philosophy of economic growth is part of the problem.
  • We cannot challenge people in Africa or elsewhere seeking a better standard of living. Cultural imperialism promotes aspirations to our way of life in developing countries.
  • We embrace international trade yet much of the trade is in products that useless, short life and destined for the bin. How do we get out of this trap? Does the circular economy make sense?
  • VAT on repairs, such as shoe repairs is a disincentive and encourages the purchase of new products. Can the government look at this?
  • Proposed cut in APD by Scottish Government raises some awkward questions as does the Heathrow expansion.


Brendan happy to put forward questions from constituents to the UK Government. Contact him at:
Note : Adrian Shaw