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GDPR and Privacy Policy Update

As we are sure you are all aware the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today. At Eco-Congregation Scotland we hold very little personal data. We have a database of registered congregations with the name and address of a single person for each, and an email list for our newsletter.

As our systems were already compliant with the provisions of the GDPR it was not necessary to get all our contacts to resubscribe and provide their details again. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our next newsletter.

You can read our Privacy Policy relating to data collected by our web site here and our Data Protection Policy here.

The provisions of the GDPR can be found here.



Scottish Government Publishes Climate Bill

The Scottish Government has today unexpectedly published its Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill with the following accompanying video. It is proposing a 90% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 with specific targets for each year. There will be more reaction to this from environmental groups throughout today.

You can download the full bill here.



Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, of which Eco-Congregation Scotland is a member, has issued the following statement:

Responding to the Scottish Government’s draft Climate Change Bill placed before the Scottish Parliament today Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said:

“It’s hugely disappointing that the Scottish Government has failed to live up to its own rhetoric on global climate change leadership, by failing to set a net zero emissions target in the Climate Change Bill published today.

“The Government claims Scotland it will be one of the first countries to achieve zero emissions, but the Bill does not commit to that. It sets a target of only a 90 per cent reduction in emissions by 2050.

“By failing to ally with the global momentum towards zero emissions, led by countries like France, Sweden and New Zealand, Scotland is missing a huge opportunity to end its contribution to climate change in a generation, attract clean investment and retain its position as a leader on the global stage.

“We’re now calling on MSPs from all parties to push for stronger targets on emissions – net-zero by 2050 at the latest, 77 per cent by 2030 and the action needed to deliver on them in line with the Paris Agreement.”

The Scottish Government has disregarded the voices of over 19,000 people in Scotland who asked for a net zero target by 2050 at the latest, as well as the voices of eminent global scientists, members of the farming community, faith leaders and those at the front line of climate change impacts around the world. As it stands, this Bill does not deliver on the Paris Agreement, and it does not deliver climate justice to those who already feeling the devastating impacts of climate change.

IFEES/EcoIslam Plastic Free Iftar Campaign

Those of you who have been involved with Eco-Congregation Scotland for a while will know that we keep in touch with our Islamic equivalent the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies. We hosted a joint event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival a few years ago.

Now, as part of their EcoIslam initiative IFEES is asking Mosques to find alternatives to plastic during Iftar. Iftar is the breaking of the daily fast and often takes place communally in the Mosque.

Here is their information:

As part of our campaign to encourage mosques to set a positive example around Islamic environmental stewardship for their communities, IFEES/EcoIslam are advocating a more sustainable approach to the communal iftar working toward reducing the environmental impact of such events.

World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay falls this year on 20th of Ramadan and has the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution” and so IFEES/EcoIslam is encouraging mosques to hold  a Plastic Free Iftar #PlasticFreeIftar on that day.

We have put up some recourse etc to help Mosques and other organisation to hold a #PlasticFreeIftar or Eco Iftar . You can find these HERE


So, here is a challenge for churches. Can you reduce your use of plastic in your communal catering?

Church of Scotland votes against disinvestment from fossil fuel companies.

At the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland today commissioners voted overwhelmingly against disinvesting from fossil fuel companies while continuing to engage with them to get their activities aligned with the requirements of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

The original deliverance from the Church and Society Council, which proposed a two year period of engagement followed by disinvestment if no progress has been made, received 128 votes.

A counter motion in the name of Rev Jenny Adams calling for immediate disinvestment received 135 votes.

A second counter motion in the name of former moderator Rev Albert Bogle received 300 votes and was carried. It reads:

Instruct the [Church and Society] Council to engage with the oil and gas companies to continue to seek alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement rather than divest from the oil and gas industry.


You can view a video of the debate (in two parts) here, during which a number of Eco-Congregation Scotland activists spoke:

Part One – 43 minutes

Part Two – 43 Minutes



Alison Thewliss MP presents Bronze award to Renfield St Stephen’s Church

Alison Thewliss MP presents the bronze Eco-Congregation Award to children from Renfield St Stephen’s Church.

We had a good time on Sunday celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Glasgow Garden Festival and enjoyed being part of the Glasgow Wildlife Garden Festival 2018. The event took place out in the patio where we had quizzes led by the Sunday School, planting bee and butterfly friendly seeds in egg cartons with the BB, some posters from Christian’s Aid project ‘Inherit the Earth’ in Bolivia, a stall selling fairly traded items for the garden and other environmentally friendly goods, and a great stall provided by RSPB with lots of interesting activities, information and face painting. The community champion at our local Tesco store donated juice and fruit, along with crisps and sweets.

We were really pleased that our MP, Alison Thewliss, was able to join us. Alison spent a lot of time speaking with and listening to people and kindly presented the Bronze Eco-Congregation award to some of our young people.