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New Award Winner!

Congratulations to Renfield St Steven’s Parish Church on achieving their first award!

The assessors particularly identified the following for commendation:
❖ the extent to which care for the earth has been integrated into the worship of the congregation
(clearly not something that is done just once a year);
❖ contacts outwith the immediate congregation seem to be wide and close, particularly with
Christian Aid and with Lamboi in India;
❖ attempts to reach out to the local community, and wonder if this could be extended to include
the likes of the Community Garden;
❖ the church’s weekly information sheet is clearly a very important source of communication not
just to church members but, more importantly, to the general public, and should be made
available to all centre users during the week;
❖ the use of website/Facebook – it is hoped that gaining the eco-award will figure prominently

Remember the Glasgow Garden Festival?


We’re always looking for new ways Eco-Congregations can get involved in the wider environmental movement and recently we’ve been talking to RSPB Scotland about the Glasgow ‘Wild-Fest‘ and plans to celebrate the spirit of the Garden Festival on its 30th Anniversary in 2018.

RSPB Scotland will be working with partners, organisations and community gardens right across the city, and holding events suitable for all ages and a wide range of interests. They’re inviting Eco-Congregations across the city to join them!

As part of Wildfest this year (see image), there are opportunities to join in with the bioblitz in Glasgow Botanic Gardens, or enjoy a picnic to live chamber music at the Hidden Gardens. Take a walk through Partick to find out more about the project to save Glasgow’s house sparrows, or take part in a bat walk, minibeast hunts, and more.

You don’t need to know anything about wildlife, and you certainly don’t need to own a pair of binoculars!




In 2018, RSPB Scotland is looking to reignite the spirit of the Garden Festival with a big event and is eager Eco-Congregations who wish to take part to get in touch and help shape it. We’re certainly keen for congregations to show-case how the church is caring for creation and participate in bringing the festival together.

We’ll be setting up a local meeting in Glasgow later this year and we encourage anyone who is interested to come along. It is an opportunity to meet people of other eco-congregations in the area as well as hear about the Wild-Fest project and how your congregation can be a part of the festival in 2018.

Events will also be taking place in Edinburgh, so if you are interested to know more about that – get in touch!

If you think you might be interested or want to know more about the plans, you can get in touch with David Bethune at