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The Trossachs Pilgrimage and Picnic – August 27th 2017

The Trossachs Pilgrimage and Picnic is taking place again this year on Sunday 27th August. You are invited to join for the Pilgrimage walk, which leaves at 11.45, after an Open Air service in Ancaster Square, Callander, and follows a nine mile route to Trossachs Church. Get in touch if you’re interested by emailing

Good Money Week

The Church of Scotland is partnering with Christian Aid Scotland, Eco Congregation Scotland and Oikocredit for this year’s Good Money Week conference. Join us to explore issues around how we an invest our money ethically to have a positive impact on Climate Change individually, as part of your congregation and in your community.

After hearing from our keynote speakers from Christian Aid Scotland and Oikocredit you will have the opportunity to take part in two of the three workshops focusing on what you can do individually, as part of your congregation and in your community.

Read more about the event and get all the details here 



St Ninian’s Craigmailen Parish Church to receive its third Eco-Congregation Award

Congratulations to St Ninian’s who have just received their Third Award. Heres what our Program Coordinator had to say:

The assessors’ report describes a very wide-ranging and impressive variety of
action, both in worship and in practical work, to support your application. It is very
encouraging for us to see a congregation like yours that is fully committed to ongoing
care of creation in so many ways and involving so many people.

The assessors particularly commended the congregation for:
your Green Guide – clear, informative, accessible to all, great checklist for quick
reference, fun ‘footers’ and great tips dotted throughout. Make sure everyone
knows about it – consider having a training session for all users, write an article
for the local press, write an article for ‘Life and Work’, take it to the next Annual
Gathering as an example of good practice to share with others. It is a terrific
Your energy monitoring and recording – the level of detail, analysis and
reporting enables you to understand how your buildings are being used and help
you identify any possible solutions to reducing environmental impact.
supporting Eco Congregation Scotland – your involvement in the local
network, attending ECS gatherings and presenting at the ‘Road to Paris’ event
are to be praised.

Congratulations to St Anne’s Papa Westray on receiving their 2nd Continuing Award!

Congratulations to St Anne’s Papa Westray on receiving their 2nd Continuing Award!











Here is a breakdown of what the assessors had to say.

In the supplementary material, the congregation has analysed two activities (the wind turbine and their multi-faceted use of the building) and has set out the why, the how and interim outcomes for each. In doing so, they demonstrate an embedded, continuing commitment to pursuing good environmental practice.

We have viewed the application as an extension of policies and work that Papa Westray has pursued over twelve plus years to gain first, second and third level awards, and a first continuing award. Taking their original submission and the supplementary note together, we find that St Anne’s, Papa Westray, have fulfilled the requirements for a second continuing award.

The elements upon which we wish to commend the congregation are …

  • their continuing, determined exploration of potential energy efficiencies and use of sustainable sources of energy;
  • their effective collaboration with other community organisations, including the local authority, in using resources; and their leadership in this role;
  • their focus and resilience in pursuing long-term, creative objectives.

We are confident that interesting developments will continue and in particular, we hope that a satisfactory resolution will be found for the maintenance of wind-turbines.

In meeting the criteria for this award the congregation has clearly demonstrated innovative approaches and ongoing commitment to creation care in its worship, witness and actions. The Eco-Congregation movement has much to learn from what you have achieved and we would hope to use St. Anne’s as an example of good (and inspirational) practice for others.

Could your congregation host the Wild about Scotland Bus?

“The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has teamed up with Clydesdale Bank to offer completely FREE wildlife sessions to children all over Scotland. The project delivers an outreach programme on Scotland’s natural history via a bespoke double-decker bus. The bus has been fully converted to provide a unique and inspiring teaching space for school children, and provide fun, practical sessions that fully complement the National Curriculum for Excellence.”

This is great opportunity for congregations to learn more about Scottish species and inspire the next generation who will look after them! You can register your interest to receive a visit from the bus here

Find out more by following this link: