Ayrshire Network Meeting at Fairlie

The next Ayrshire network meeting will take place on Monday 20th August, from 11am to 1pm at Fairlie Parish Church.

The meeting will be attended by representatives from four churches in the area that have already begun their Eco-Congregation journey. Please open the agena for details: Agenda for Ayrshire Network meeting. However, it is flexible – please come with your questions and ideas and we hope you will come away better equipped to take forward the caring for creation work in your congregation.

Fairlie Parish Church is a third award winner (which means their Eco-Congregation work has been on-going there for more than 9 years!) and are therefore very experienced in the projects and activities connected with being an Eco-Congregation. They have offered to share some of their expertise and would like to invite you to Fairlie to see what they have achieved but also to talk about their whole Eco-Congregation journey – the ups and downs!

We know that a day time meeting might not suit everyone but if you (or a representative of your church) is available you would be most welcome to join us. We will meet at Fairlie Church at 11.00 (please don’t use the Main Doors as there will be a class in the church.) We are meeting in the Millenium Room and one of us will meet you outside and direct you in.  We hope to fit in a visit to Fairlie Growers Sustainable Garden project, so come prepared for being outside in “the weather”!

 If you are planning to come, please RSVP to margaret@ecocongregation.org.uk