Be still…

Be still… Videos for download and reflection.

A few ‘stilling videos’ to begin worship or parts of worship, either online or in person.

In gratitude to Forest Church, where the idea seems to have originated.

*Running time 2 mins 20s or less.

Come back to this page to see further additions throughout the summer and beyond.

Titles so far: “Spread the word…” (a song thrush at twilight). “Let those who have ears…….: (How responsive are you to the sights and sounds/signs of the times on which your life depends?) “On the rocks” ( seabird colony) “Seapink” (robust flowers by seashore) “Wind in the branches” (the relationship between trees and wind) “Arrochar Alps” (from a walk up Ben Vane). “Castlerigg” -( at the exceptionally located stone circle in northern England) “Major Oak and Dandelion” the different scales and timescales of plants that share a habitat )

Please do download to use.