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A chance to tell your Travelling Tales

Stop Climate Chaos

Would you like to give up your car or other high carbon transport for six weeks and share your experience with others?

Stop Climate Chaos is looking for a small group of volunteers from around Scotland to join its travelling tales project.  To do so we will ask you to try to use low carbon travel for six weeks this autumn and to blog about it.

We are looking for someone from an eco-congregation to volunteer. We can’t pay you but Stop Climate Chaos will provide help with blogging and with sharing your stories.

If you are up for this challenge and for the chance to influence Scotland’s great transport debate you can find out more at : or by ringing Gail Wilson at Stop Climate Chaos on 0131 243 2701

Aberdeen network notes from May meeting now available

Please find the notes the May meeting by clicking on the link: 130529 Aberdeen Eco-Congregation network notes

Our thanks to Joy Doorghens and the team at Inverurie West for hosting the meeting, to Sheila Gray for writing it up and to Bill Craigie for making the arrangements.

Please note that Mr Keenan has offered free food waste collection from your church. If food waste is an issue at your church the email address given on the company website is Please mark it for the attention of Mr Grant Keenan.

We welcome Bill Craigie

The Eco-Congregation Scotland board welcomes Bill Craigie as its newest Director.

Bill Craigie

I came to serve on the Board largely by chance. At an ECS Annual Gathering it seemed that the fledgling Network in the Aberdeen area was in need of representation. The Board seemed equally keen for someone to fill the gap! Made welcome as a “fly on the wall” since 2011, I am now delighted to formally join the Board, especially as meetings in Edinburgh allow visits to family. Queens Cross Church is “home”, where our Eco Team are now working towards a third award. Membership of the SOC, SWT, WWF and especially the RSPB give a hint as to where my interests lie!

You can read about our other Directors on the Trustees page!

Left-over wool put to good use by Skene Parish Church Eco Group

Skene Parish Church Eco Group sent out an appeal for any double knitting wool that was no longer required in order to knit some tea cosies for our church teapots! A huge amount of wool was received and three tea cosies so far have been made. At the same time one of our group members mentioned the Fish and Chips Babies project and that was all that was needed! Needles began clicking and wool was requested on a regular basis and we now have around 200 outfits ready for dispatch.  And the ladies are still knitting!

The photo shows a display of some of the outfits on our new Eco Board in Trinity Church Westhill.

By Sheila Gray

An excellent activity in the European Week for Waste Reduction!

Skene’s Own Little Bit of the Jubilee Woods!

On Saturday 17 November, an enthusiastic group of folk from Skene Parish Church joined the Eco Group and gathered at a small piece of land next to Kirk Cottage in Kirkton of Skene to take part in a tree planting activity. 

Skene Parish Church Eco Group were given a free Community Tree Pack of 105 tree saplings from the Woodland Trust as part of the charity’s Jubilee Woods Project. The Woodland Trust wants to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by helping millions of people across the UK to come together and  plant 6 million trees across the country. The trees, all native species, will grow into a young wood in as little 10 years. Also included in the pack is a Royal Oak sapling, which has been grown from an acorn gathered from one of the Royal Estates.

Our hard working team of men, women and children, wielded spades and hammers and had the job done in no time at all – planted, staked and protectors fitted. The work was done under the expert eyes of Alison Sutherland, an Aberdeenshire Ranger  and Graeme MacDonald.

The hard work completed, the workers were treated to hot drinks and, as we say in the North East, a ‘fine piece’ to eat.

The Eco group would like to thank all the volunteers who supported us in this venture. Over the next decade or so, it will be interesting to watch our woodland grow. In years to come, we will be able to bring our children and grandchildren along and show them what we helped to achieve in our little corner of the land.

By Sheila Gray

Mini-Gathering in Aberdeen Oct 2012

The report from the Mini-Gathering in Aberdeen held on the 22nd October is now available.

People from 13 congregations came to event, which aimed to inspire and equip congregations for their Eco-Congregation journey. Speakers from Cults Parish Church, Skene Parish Church and Queen’s Cross Parish Church shared their Eco-Congregation plans and achievement. We heartily recommend reading the report if you are looking for inspiration or curious to find out how other congregations carry out their Eco-Congregation journey. 

Rev. Ewan Aitken also gave an inspirational sermon prior to the gathering and abseiled off the Forth bridge for charity later the same day.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link: Report on Mini Gathering 2012

We wish to thank everyone who made this gathering such a success. Especially the wonderful speakers from Cults Parish Church, Skene Parish Church and Queen’s Cross Parish Church.