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‘Post the Millennium Development Goals – what next?’

Third World Centre

‘Post the Millennium Development Goals – what next?’

Hilary Homans

Director of University of Aberdeen Centre for Sustainable International Development

Monday 17 September at 7.45 pm

(preceded by refreshments at 7.15 pm)

Quaker Meeting House,

98 Crown Street, Aberdeen

The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been one of the principal means of focusing international action on reducing global poverty.  The current MDGs have a target for completion of 2015 and whilst they will have been partly achieved by that date, much more will still need to be done.  There is a growing public debate to identify what kind of international policies and strategies should take their place.  

We are very fortunate that Hilary Homans has agreed to speak to us on this subject.  Hilary is a dynamic and passionate advocate of development that meets the real needs of the very poor in the world and has a wide range of international development experience (including 13 years in Geneva with various United Nations agencies).  Since 2010 she has been director of the University of Aberdeen’s newly formed Centre for Sustainable International Development.

If you have an interest in global poverty or international development you should make a point of attending this talk; if anyone in Aberdeen can guide us through the complexity of the emerging debate (to which we can contribute!), Hilary can! Do come and hear her!


This public meeting will be preceded by the AGM of the Third World Centre at 6.30 pm. The Centre was founded in 1983 and has been a leading organisation in making Aberdeen a Fairtrade city and stimulating Aberdonians to care about what happens to the poor in other parts of the world.  The Centre is now seeking to revamp its activities and get new members so we would be very happy if before coming to the talk you dropped in on our AGM – you don’t need to be a current member!  Amongst other things we will be discussing a change in our name to something more up-to-date (such as ‘One World Aberdeen’!.

Network Seminar – 8th September


This year’s Local Networks Seminar, which will be held at Bridge of Allan Parish Church where we held the Annual Gathering earlier this year.

Here is the Programme for the local networks seminar 2012.

All the networks have been invited by email, if you are not the network contact and would like to attend please contact Margaret Warnock. Two representatives from each network will be entitled to have their travelling expenses refunded.



Useful information from Aberdeen Network

The Aberdeen Network met in May and shared a range of useful information which may be of interest.


The Kemnay Church Project

Kemany Parish Church introduced a new heating and lighting system and would be happy to share information about their work with other congregations. Please click on the link to read their story: Kemnay Church Project




The Queen’s Cross Church have introduced a planning policy implementing ways to reduce their carbon footprint and caring for creation: Queen’s Cross PurchasingPolicy

A presentation about Greening Your Buildings by John Forster: Greening your building Project Eco congregation meeting 22 May 2012

120521 Aberdeen Eco-Congregation network notes


Skene Parish Church has its first Earth Hour Candlelight Service

[This is an archived news story. For up to date information on Earth Hour please click here.]

Sheila Gray: “Between 40 and 50 folk gathered together for Skene Parish Church’s first Earth Hour Candlelight Service. After the Stated Annual Meeting, we shared pudding and a cup of tea! This was followed with Prayer and Praise by Candlelight. We heard all about how Earth Hour came about, what is happening with the Nkhomo Generator Appeal for Malawi and also about Kingdom Come 2012 which was also launched nationwide on 31 March 2012.”

Well done to Skene Parish Church for celebrating Earth Hour!