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Write an article for our newsletter.

We would be interested in publishing articles from registered eco-congregations on our web site news page and in our monthly newsletter. So, if your congregation has done anything interesting recently why not write this up and send it to ?

We will put the article on our news page, local network page and consider it for inclusion in our newsletter.

Agenda for Borders Network meeting

The network meeting agenda for the Borders network meeting on October 6th at 7.30pm at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Melrose is as follows:

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Opening prayer

3. Introduction to Eco-Congregation

4. What is happening in local congregations?

5. An Eco-Congregation Network for the Borders

a. What does a network do? Experiences from the Esk and Tweed network
b. What area should the network cover?
c. How do we get others involved and keep them involved?

6. How is the network going to be organised?

a. Who will run it?
b. How often will the network meet?
c. What will be the programme for the coming year?
d. Who will host meetings?
e. How will the programme be publicised?

7. Next steps – what needs to be done following this meeting and who is going to do it!

8. Close 9.00pm