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Scotland’s Pilgrim Future

Duncan MacLaren has made a wonderful 20-minute documentary entitled Scotland’s Pilgrim Future.

Scotland was once a major centre of medieval pilgrimage. Today, little remains of this great pilgrim enterprise. Yet, all over Scotland there are new stirrings of interest in ancient pathways. People are rediscovering the power of pilgrimage.

You can see the documentary by clicking on this YouTube link.

Thank you to Nick Cooke, Secretary of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum, for sharing this link with us.

Stirling Network meeting 3rd October

The next Network Meeting will be held at St. Ninians Old Parish Church Hall, Kirk Wynd, St Ninians on Wednesday 3rd October 2012 at 7.30 pm.

We will watch a film entitled  “Power of Community” which should be very interesting. Changes in the way Churches can become Eco-Congregations will also be a topic and also notes from the Local Network Seminar held in Bridge of Allan on the 8th of September.

We hope to see you there!

Visit Green Homes on the 29th September

The Scottish Government and the Energy Saving Trust has organised a Green Home Open Day on the 29th September all over Scotland, where you can visit different types of homes who use renewable power and insulation to become less reliant on fossil fuels and to cut energy costs.

Find out if there is a Green Home near your home and sign up to go for a visit!

Here are links to a few of their case studies:

Solar Power and insulation    –
Ground source heat pump     –
Wall and floor insulation        –

Please access their website here.


Trossachs Pilgrimage



On Sunday 27th August around 60 pilgrims from Callander Kirk set out immediately after the 11.15 service to walk, cycle or lift-share the 8 or so miles to Trossachs Church. Walkers and cyclists met up at two points (on the shores of Loch Venacher and in the forest at the head of the Loch) for times of short reflection, led by Robert.

At Trossachs we were greeted by lovely fiddle tunes drifting out of the church and, after placing the stones we had collected and decorated on our journey on a simple carin, we processed into the church following a cross made from fallen branches gathered on the way.

Please explore their wonderful webpage about the Trossachs Pilgrimage for more information.


Wild flower planting at St Mary’s Episcopal Church Dunblane

St Mary’s Episcopal Church Dunblane planted a range of  wild flower seeds in March. Here you can see the amazing transformation! A barren area has turned into a wonderful habitat for bumble bees, insects and other wildlife.


















See the flowers and attend their Fete on the Saturday 25th August from 2pm to 4.30pm. A team from “On the Verge” who helped them with their project will be manning a stand and giving advice on the sowing of the flowers. 

Photos by Kate Nash

Network Seminar – 8th September


This year’s Local Networks Seminar, which will be held at Bridge of Allan Parish Church where we held the Annual Gathering earlier this year.

Here is the Programme for the local networks seminar 2012.

All the networks have been invited by email, if you are not the network contact and would like to attend please contact Margaret Warnock. Two representatives from each network will be entitled to have their travelling expenses refunded.



Stirling North Church cuts its carbon footprint by over 50%

Stirling North Parish Church

Stirling North Parish Church and Halls

Stirling North Parish Church located in the Braehead area of the town has invested in energy management measures leading to big cuts in its carbon footprint and fuel bills. 

The Church, which was built in 1971, was originally heated by electric storage heaters.  These were expensive to run and inefficient.   Since 2010 the storage heaters have been taken out and replaced with a new and much more energy systems.   These include:

  • new and efficient gas central heating
  • thermal Solar panels providing hot water
  • photo voltaic solar panels generating electricity.  The PV panels take advantage of the UK Government ‘Feed in Tariff’ and so generate a steady income for the church.

The costs of installation were:

  • gas central heating: £50,000
  • thermal solar panels: £ 5,100
  • photo voltaic solar panels: £11,700. 

The PV panels were installed in June 2011 and should provide an annual income of about £1,500, so will pay for themselves in under a decade.
Phil Harris of Stirling North Church, who has led the work says:

‘As a result the church has cut its fuel bills from about £7000 a year to about £3500 a year.  Its carbon footprint has been reduced from 44 tonnes in 2010 to approximately 20  tonnes in 2011!’