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Event at St Andrew’s Parish Church, Bo’ness: Growing Food Sustainably Nature’s Way

2nd April 2014, 7.30pm.

Throughout the world food is produced in an unsustainable manner, whether measured in terms of resources, pesticides, fertilizers, erosion, or people’s long term health. How can we grow food sustainably, how can we look after the world God gave us? This workshop will include help in designing your sustainable garden.

Audience Open to all

Speaker Ronald Gilchrist Greenway Consulting Greenway Consulting promotes and supports sustaionable food Production in their Waste-to-Food process, they can will show how to use a simple HotBox composting unit to quickly process kitchen and gardenwaste. The product is then converted into a extremely potent organic fertiliser, wormcast, in our wooden wormeries. This wormcast, which has been enriched with the essential trace elements which can be missing from most foods, can then be used to grow the healthiest fruit, vegetables and plants which money just cannot buy! This rocess allows soil to be regenerated into an enriched state producing organic produce throughout the year. Their projects have enabled individuals to come together to work on climate changing initiatives, to grow local produce and build the “social capital” of their communities. This can at the core of any Transition Town initiative. Greenway has extensive experience of working with a variety of client groups to develop their own community gardens to produce sustainable food production at a community level. No two clients have the same vision and needs.

Start time: 7:30pm

More information at St Andrew’s webpage:

Fracking talk and discussion March 5th

Adrian Shaw, the Church of Scotland’s Climate Change Officer is coming to the West Lothian and Falkirk Eco-Congregation Network meeting on 5th March, 7.30 -9.00pm at Torphichen Church to talk about and discuss with you “Fracking: sensible solution or disastrous development?”

2013 saw the initial development of fracking in the UK.  Reviled by some as a dangerous and unnecessary prolongation of gas as an energy source and an environmental hazard, it has been strongly supported by others, including the UK Government , as a useful source of cheap gas for future decades.  The furious debate and demonstrations it has sparked off have not been conclusive or very enlightening and facts about fracking in the UK seem hard to come by.  Yet this an important debate and central to the future of our energy use and responding to climate change .  What does it mean for you and what do you think we should do?  A big question but one that eco-congregations should consider.

Please publicise this talk to your congregation through notices, intimations and announcements etc. – you can download a poster here: Fracking poster

2013 Local Networks Seminar

The 2013 Local Networks Seminar took place on 7th September in Dunblane Cathedral Halls.  The Seminar is organised to provide  an opportunity for networking between the networks, to provide ideas for action and for networks to give feedback to ECS.  This year 14 of our 17 networks were represented and they participated in discussions ranging from “Ways of Understanding the Human Role in Creation” to looking at issues such as plastic recycling, recruitment and personal lifestyles.  Swap Sessions on ideas for network activities were also a main feature of the day.

A full report of the Seminar can be downloaded here.

Local Networks Seminar 2013 Report