Up to the top of the hill, and not so far down again

A personal report on a study-leave attendance at a far-reaching, global, ecumenical conference. With Video Blog & Paper on ‘Season of Creation’.

As a URC minister I’m obliged to seek study leave opportunities, with moderate funding available to make this possible. Towards the end of last year, I received an invitation which looked very suitable: Seminar: The Feast of Creation and the Mystery of Creation: Ecumenism, Theology, Liturgy, and Signs of the Times in Dialogue. 

The travel involved also meant that I could better fulfil the chaplaincy remit to be in touch with the various training institutions serving the churches within Scotland, by visiting, if they were willing, the Pontifical Scots College in Rome, just after the seminar.

The –unregulated and personal – report is presented, for convenience, as a downloadable PDF

Click here to download the report

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