Dazzling: Lent after COP

NOTE: World events have moved on since this series was begun,but themes of power, entitlement and possession of land are all the more relevant in the light of a peace disrupted

ALL FIVE WEEKS now complete and downloadable

A clutch of five downloadable video ‘major reflections’ to complement, or take the place of a vigorous sermon on Lent readings, or as discussion starter for study groups . Pdf texts also available on this page. NB – this is the work of one person, not a film crew: please be kind.

Recordings of readings will be provided on another web-page.

Week 1: A land possessed [Five sisters shale oil bing 231m]

Five Sisters Bing ( mountainous  ash heap from the shale oil industry)

Sermon [downladable]

Week 2:  Dazzling ( Transfiguration)[Ben A’an 461m]

 Ben A’an, ( Trossachs) 

Week 3: Blazing to High Heaven [Cadzow Oaks]

Chatlherault ancient oaks

Week 4: The circle of justice [Croft Moraig Stone Circle]

 Croft Moraig Stone Circle.  

Video link for lent 34 sermon

Week 5:  divesting from despair [Ben Lomond 974m]

Ben Lomond.