Baked Alaska in Dumfries.

On Thursday 19th November at 7.30pm in Dumfries High School, the Riding Lights Theatre Company is presenting (for one night only!) “BAKED ALASKA”.

This show has been commissioned by the Diocese of Lichfield, Christian Aid and Operation Noah and is presented by a solidarity of Christian organisations committed to raising a compassionate voice in the call to worldwide action on climate change. Coming to Dumfries in the run up to the vital UN Summit on Climate Change in Paris, which begins on 30th November, this is the ideal opportunity to raise awareness and get active in your congregation / parish.

Described as “vivid, sharp and deliciously entertaining, BAKED ALASKA serves up the realities of climate change with flair and clarity about the temperatures involved. In the high-energy, ‘seriously funny’ style for which Riding Lights is well known, BAKED ALASKA is something we can all look forward to… unless we do something about it. Extra-ordinary theatre for these extraordinary times.”

Further information from: . Tickets are £12 or £9 for concessions. (*except where noted below) available from box office: 01904 613000. You can also purchase tickets online but this incurs a booking fee. There may also be a group rate for groups of 8 or more young people (under 18s) of £7.50 per person.

Note: The local phone number on the poster is incorrect. It should be 820448 not 720448. Other contact details are correct.

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