Invitation to hear Chris Naylor, Director, A Rocha International in Dumfries.

Chris Naylor, Director, A Rocha International,

Dumfries Sunday 5 February


You are invited to hear Chris speak at morning and evening services.

During the 90s, Chris taught science in a school in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. In his spare time he enjoyed birding at a nearby wetland which he realised was of international importance: huge flocks of cranes and white storks moved through in the spring. Migrant waders, terns and crakes stopped off. Chris discovered that the marsh was in danger of disappearing, so he left his teaching job and became A Rocha’s Director in Lebanon, working with local landowners and tenant farmers so effectively that he didn’t just stop the marsh from further drainage – it got bigger and better.

He’s now based in Oxfordshire as A Rocha’s International Director. If you would like a better understanding of the biblical teaching about creation care, or would like to hear encouraging stories about what Christians are doing in various parts of the world to protect threatened species and habitats, please come along – you’ll be very welcome.


Where / when

10.30 am: How big is the Gospel? Dumfries High School (includes communion)

6.30 pm Is environmental care just a matter of survival, or is it really important? Dumfries Baptist Church, Newall Terrace (between the Railway Station and the Midsteeple).


About Chris Naylor

You can watch a 6 minute video here.


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