“Soil Structure” – a talk by Dr Bruce Ball – SRUC – Monday 30th September in Carlops Church at 7.30pm (the Eco-Congregation Esk and Tweed Network’s meeting)

Dr Bruce Ball, SRUC, is giving a talk on “Soil Structure” at the Eco-Congregation Esk and Tweed Network’s meeting on Monday 30th September at 7.30pm in Carlops Church.

Dr Ball’s interests are in soil physics, particularly soil structure and soil gases.

Alongside colleagues, his research currently involves investigation of how organic farming, dairy farming, crofting, tillage and compaction influence greenhouse gas emissions and soil quality.

He is also interested in the spiritual and ethical connections between soil, agriculture and communities – with a view to improving food security by empowering farmers.

Everyone is invited to this Eco-Congregation Esk and Tweed Network meeting to hear Dr Ball.

Following Dr Ball’s talk there will be a time for tea/coffee and chat.

After the refreshments, there will be a short Eco Network business meeting for those who wish to stay to take part.

There will be the opportunity to make a donation to the ‘Midwife Training in Malawi’ project.