Walk Today for Tommorrow, Innerleithen, 27th June.

Cardrona, Glen, Innerleithen, Peebles, Traquair and Walkerburn are planning a community walk this summer. Chester Hill, Quair Water, Bush aboon Traquair: walk the landscape to celebrate it and show your love for the hills, burns and woods. Join us in giving voice to concern about how climate change threatens nature, our way of life, and those more vulnerable than ourselves.

Saturday 27th June 2015 at Noon
Meet at: Traquair Kirk car park
everyone welcome!

or join us, walkers and non walkers, at 3pm at the Bear Gates for the last short stretch to Traquair’s magnificent yew tree near the House.

This walk is part of the People’s Pilgrimage, a worldwide project to show our leaders our love of nature and concern about climate change. Communities all over the world are taking part so every step taken counts towards the total effort. The aim is for all our walks to be the equivalent of one walk around the world, so let’s do our bit! This year is a defining moment when our leaders can set us on the right course to rid the world of dangerous levels of carbon emissions. More information can be found at ourvoices.net or from any of the organisations supporting this beautiful way for us to show the love of all we care for.

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