Volunteering opportunities

We welcome volunteers to assist at events and also to act as assessors for the Eco-Congregation award.

For further details please contact us.


Assessing for the Eco-Congregation Award

When a church applies for an Eco-Congregation award and its application has been approved, two assessors are recruited to carry out the award assessment itself. One of these assessors will generally be from an environmental background, and the other will have a church background, so together they can fully assess the practical, spiritual and community-focused progress of the church. Assessors are volunteers, but expenses are refunded by Eco-Congregation Scotland. The assessments normally last around two hours and involve meeting members of the applicant church’s eco team and a tour of the building(s) and grounds. Assessing for Eco-Congregation is a rewarding way to share experience and ideas with other churches in the network. If you would like to become an Eco-Congregation assessor (no previous experience necessary!) then please get in touch with us.