Zero Waste Scotland workshop offer

Zero Waste Scotland run volunteer programmes across Scotland to encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Would you like them to come and give your network or congregation a talk, run a workshop or a put on a cooking demonstration?

Hazel Fulton from the local volunteer programme in Glasgow and East Renfreshire would love for you to contact her. Her email is:

Hazel says:

We really believe the Eco-Congregation groups would be a great recipient of our workshops and would give the congregation more knowledge on how to reduce household waste. Our LOVE Food Hate Waste programme allows us to provide information on the following:

  • storing food and freezing food
  • portioning correctly for meals
  • shopping for food
  • using up your leftovers/recipe ideas
  • understanding best before/use by dates
  • save money by cutting your food waste

We also run cookery demonstrations if we can find a chef/cook and appropriate cooking facilities . We would also be happy to run workshops on recycling and provide more information on our ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign which aims to reduce junk mail.

Please have a look at their What Can I Do Today? leaflet for more information.