Carbon Capital – Fighting the finance that’s driving climate change – free event on Monday 28th October at 7pm in The Adams Room, Glasgow

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A free event is being held on climate change issues on Monday 28 October at 7.00pm in the Adams Room, Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DB

Banks, hedge funds and pension funds based in Britain are bankrolling the extraction of fossil fuels all over the world. These dirty energy projects are wrecking communities and fuelling climate change while doing nothing to increase energy access for local people. Join us to demand energy justice.


Yasmin Romero Epiayu, Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu, Colombia

Hendrik Siregar, JATAM mining advocacy network, Indonesia

Liz Murray, World Development Movement

In the Indonesian province of Kalimantan, huge mining operations are destroying the local environment on which people depend for a living and forcing people from their villages altogether. Coal is extracted and exported, fuelling dirty electricity production and driving climate change. Hendrik Siregar will talk about the advocacy work his organisation, JATAM, does on behalf of the local communities affected.

Yasmin Romero Epiayu lives in the La Guajira region of northern Colombia, where the giant Cerrejón coal mine has swallowed up whole villages, forced people out of their homes and destroyed the local environment. The coal that is extracted is exported, fuelling dirty electricity production and causing climate change. Yasmin will talk about how her indigenous women’s organisation, Fuerza de Mujeres Wayuu, has been working in a coalition to fight the expansion of the mine.

This event is part of the Carbon Capital speaker tour, organised by the World Development Movement with the help of Colombia Solidarity Campaign, London Mining Network and Down to Earth.

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