Eco-congregation Glasgow Group meeting Wed 11th Nov at Wellington Church

The next meeting of the Glasgow Eco-Congregation group will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 11th November 2015 at Wellington Church 77 Southpark Ave, Glasgow G12 8LE

The meeting will be both a planning meeting for the year ahead as well as the opportunity to watch a couple of ‘The Story of Stuff’ videos and share thoughts.

Here’s what Jan McDonald has to say:

The Glasgow group aims to hold 4 meetings/ events over the year which provide an opportunity to get together – usually over coffee & biscuits, share news from our churches, talk through issues and get ideas. I know that many members appreciate and value the support of fellow Eco-Congregation campaigners, and indeed this is one of the greatest strengths of our ecumenical community; all are welcome.

If you, your church, or a church you know would like to know more about a particular issue or have a project to inspire and be shared with others we’d like to know and consider getting into the program for the year ahead. Similarly if you or your church are looking for ideas, have questions about Eco-Congregation awards, or need help with a particular ‘Eco-problem’ , do come and tell us. Please come along and contribute your ideas, suggestions, nominations and support – the more the merrier!

Personally I’ve been a long time admirer of The Story of Stuff videos – short animations about the lifecycle of material goods; critical of excessive consumerism and promoting sustainability. We plan to show the original ‘Story of Stuff’ (20 mins) made 8 years ago and the ‘Story of Change’ (6 mins). It is hoped that as well as being informative, they will provoke discussion among us and further ideas for action especially as we approach the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris at the end of this month.

Regards, Jan MacDonald

Jan will be in touch closer to the date for those not familiar with the venue.