One World Shop in Glasgow is looking for a new place to stay

The One World Shop on Great Western Road will move out in the middle of June. They are concentrating on finding new low cost or rent free premises in the West End and in the city centre.

In the short term they are looking for help to find:

1. A rent-free storage space for our fixtures and fittings – do you have a room or storage space that could store our shelving, glass cabinets and other fittings for up to 6 months?
2. A rent free or low cost room or office in the West end – a place where we could work from, supply stalls and hold a small amount of stock for up to 6 months.
3. A low cost retail opportunity – ideally in the West End, could be within a cafe, community centre, church, university or shared premises with an existing business. They are open to all offers!

If you can offer them some ideas or help please contact Rachel on