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From the Tree to the Tree: major reflections

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From the Tree to the Tree

This year’s lectionary takes us from the outstandingly beautiful Tree of the Garden of Eden  – misused on the bad advice of the serpent who sows the seed of doubt in God’s goodness –  to the Tree on which Jesus was crucified. Trees in scripture are the place of meetings and even of meeting God, as well as giving life  and fruit and providing habitat for fellow creatures. It’s in the heritage of the churches that despite their abuse as an instrument of torture, the Cross is always also a tree. From which comes healing.

In travelling around Scotland, I’ve been struck by the majesty of those trees who have been allowed to be: how they’ve clung on to life through centuries.  

The series isn’t a catalogue of trees, but the theme is a staring point which rebels against any presentation of the Gospel which excludes our kinship with fellow creatures.

A tree has been planted in our Grove, with “Trees For Life”, for each of the 6 reflections here. https://treesforlife.org.uk/groves/g8658/

Lent Week 1:

Thoughts on Beauty, Angels, Temptation and Climate Crisis, filmed under Ormiston Yew, where John Knox preached 500 years ago

OT reading Week 1



The convergence of wind and power, farming and conservation at Whitelee Windfarm provide an environment to think about how good things can coincide rather than be exclusive alternatives.

Reading [OT only ] for week 2


LENT WEEK 3: Our thirst for water and for energy


LENT WEEK 4: A necessary questioning of the shocking stories underlying what seem to be straightforward Scriptures

If you need something for MOTHERING SUNDAY try  :https://youtu.be/hE-fei6kZLA


LENT WEEK 5 : Beyond “too late!” : Looking to a much more realistic spirituality than “If we don’t, it might…”

NOTE: Contains BONES – as it has to, given we’re dealing with the greatest scary story of the whole of Scripture in Ezekiel 37. MUSIC is Creative Commons No 1.0 = completely public domain and safe to use and re-use

OT reading for Lent 5

Easter suite of videos: Major reflection, Short Thought, all the Gospel readings, Easter Acclamation and a Stilling video with time-lapse views of sunrise at Rosslyn Chapel