Solar Panels in Church Buildings 2011

Eco-Congregation Scotland and the Church of Scotland held a very successful conference on solar panels in churches on 29 October, 10am-3.30pm, at Partick South Church Glasgow.

120 people from churches across Scotland met to hear from a number of speakers and take part in workshops. This page contains links to the presentations given on the day.


Conference report

Click here to download the conference report (PDF document).

Conference feedback

Click here to download the Feedback Report (PDF document)

Speakers presentations

Speaker biographies and background information (PDF document)

Stas Burek presentation on Photovoltaics (PDF version | PPT version)

Jon Cape presentation on the Feed in Tarrif (PDF version | PPT version)

David Bethune presentation on Selkirk Parish Church’s solar PV project (PDF version | PPT version)

Summary of the Selkirk PV project (PDF document)

Community Energy Scotland workshop notes (PDF document)


Other useful documents refered to on the day

Fabric Friendly Heating (PDF document)

Sustainability Solutions for Churches (PDF document)


Other information of interest

The UK Government is undertaking a consultation on reducing the feed in tariff for solar PV installations.  If you would like to know more about this or take part in the consultation please click here for further information.


Photographs of the conference


A queue of people waiting to get into a church!


The delegates.


Stas Burek speaking about photo voltaic technology.


Jon Cape


David Bethune of Selkirk parish Church


Muriel Pearson chairing the meeting.


Tea break!


Community Energy Scotland Workshop