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An Address and Bible Studies for House Groups

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We live in an age of seeking. A visit to a local bookshop may reveal the growing interest in environmental issues and also the rapid extension of bookshelves weighed down with tomes covering a variety of so-called ‘alternative’ or ‘new-age’ topics. These trends reveal people’s concern over the state of the planet together with a desire to seek solutions and new-lifestyles. This Module is offered primarily for House Groups, Group Work, Workshops or Bible Study to help churches and individuals explore environmental perspectives from a Christian perspective.

The aim of the studies is to help people engage with God’s word:

  • to make connections between Christian beliefs and environmental issues
  • to make connections between the material and the spiritual
  • to make connections between the way we live our lives and the purpose God has for them.

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Note on using the modules

Ideas for Action have been designed to fit into church life and support and enhance church mission. They were designed collaboratively with churches to provide a resource that is not a textbook, but a toolkit, to suit all the different varieties of church life represented in the Eco-Congregation programme.

All congregations using our Ideas for Action should first register, and registered churches can also order printed copies. Find out how to register, or contact us if you’d like to know more.

All our resources may be freely copied and distributed within your church, but please accredit Eco-Congregation.