0ver 150 people attend Edinburgh event to hear Katharine Hayhoe

Liz MacWhirter, Katharine Hayhoe, John Sturrock and Alastair McIntosh.

Over 150 people came to Community Church Edinburgh last night to hear Katharine Hayhoe and Alistair McIntosh addressing the issue of climate change, finding hope and discussing why some Christians may find it hard to engage.

It was a challenging evening, well chaired by John Sturrock QC.

Two things Katharine suggested that you can do about climate change:

  1. Talk to your friends about it.
  2. Calculate your own carbon footprint so you can work on ways of reducing it.

The event was co-ordinated by copywriter and author Liz MacWhirter and sponsored by TearFund, Eco-Congregation Scotland and Core Solutions. Thanks also to the Eco-Congregation Scotland Edinburgh Network, Joanne Baker, Inke Milligan and Pete Entwistle.

You can listen to a recording of the event here:



You might also like to watch some of Katharine’s educational videos on climate change here.

Here is an example:

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