1st Award East and Old Parish Church, Forfar

East and Old Parish Church, Forfar has received their 1st Eco-Congregation Award. Congratulations!

The photo was borrowed from: http://www.thebigkirk.co.uk/

Principally the award was awarded for:

  • Becoming a recycling point and the fantastic and innovative use of the recycled pews
  • Fair Trade work
  • The real commitment in supporting the Angus network of Eco-Congregation Scotland
  • The work carried out in and around the church, particularly low energy lighting, the kitchen and bathroom upgrades that have included energy saving measures and the great improvements to the graveyard
  • The boldness of the eco-message within the church and the support the team receive from the minister
  • The use of environmentally friendly products ie toilet paper and hand soaps

 Well done!