1st Eco-Congregation Award to Grahamston United Parish Church, Falkirk

Grahamston United Parish Church has received their first Eco-Congregation Award.




The assessors particularly commended the congregation on the following:

  • The hard work of the youth group in leading and driving the caring for creation work in the congregation.
  • The way in which other youth groups: BB Anchor Boys and the Guides have been involved in projects.
  • Their commitment to energy saving.
  • The recycling initiatives undertaken with the congregation and other hall users.
  • Faith-based awareness raising, making the link between our Christian faith and environmental issues through their Eco Sunday Launch, Lunch and Pledge and other events and displays.

Well Done!


Grahamston2                              Grahamston3

Photos borrowed from their website:  http://www.fgu.moonfruit.com/