3rd Eco-Congregation Award to Kirkwall East Church

Kirkwall East Church has received their 3rd Eco-Congregation Award, making them one of just a few congregations in Scotland to receive this – many congratulations!


Kirkwall East Church

photo borrowed from their website:  http://www.orkneycommunities.co.uk/KIRKWALLEASTCHURCH/

The assessors particularly commended the outstanding commitment and work of the eco team, backed by the congregation.  As this is their third award, we are confident that the Eco-Congregation ethos is embedded in the life and work of the congregation.  We have recently introduced a “Continuing Award”, which gives those congregations who have achieved their third award the opportunity to continue to keep their award status up to date and we are sure Kirkwall East will carry on building on the real quality that is already present in the work they do.

Well Done!