Advent: The Judge to Cheer the Forest

“Advent is the Cinderella of Christian seasons. Crowded out by the ugly sisters of fear and commercialism.”

“Advent readings are a wild lucky-bag of horrors and hopes; spiritual resources for times of threat and turmoil. All the stuff we shy away from. All the stuff we need to hear, together with the love that’s behind it.”

The Judge to Cheer the Forest will likely be the most ecumenical and varied video Advent Calendar online this year, offering a 1-2 minute reading and reflection from Advent Sunday to Christmas Eve, with contributors ‘leaning into the green’ for Eco-Congregation Scotland, but otherwise no holds barred.”

“You are most welcome to share the items as they come out: you’ll find them daily at Eco-Chaplain online, here on the Eco-Congregation Scotland website and on Facebook and Twitter from Advent Sunday 29th November.”

Rev David Coleman, Environmental Chaplain