Air Quality – Bringing a low emission zone to Glasgow.

Over the past few years, air pollution, particularly from traffic, has become an increasingly important issue. It has been linked with respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, stunted foetal development as well as dementia and diabetes. It has been estimated that annually this is the cause of 2,500 premature deaths in Scotland and around 300 in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council is committed to introducing a Low Emission Zone into the city centre, in line with the Scottish Government’s promise to have Scotland’s first LEZ in operation by 2018. Initial proposals were tabled at the beginning of September and this has been backed up by the Scottish Government in line with a current Consultation on ‘Building Scotland’s Low Emission Zones’ which proposes the introduction of four such Zones.
A Public Meeting, organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland, was held in Glasgow on 2 November attended by nearly 60 people.

Barry Watson from Castlemilk Parish Church attended the meeting and you can read his full report here.

Other documents:

City Centre LEZ report:

City Centre LEZ map:

Barry’s personal submission to the council: