Can you help Heat-Hack?

“This year, HeatHack has a student, Alexis Hadjivassiliou, who is choosing to understand the problems that churches have in “snagging” their heating systems –  identifying problems with changes and demonstrating that there is a problem to the installer so that it can be rectified.  He intends to develop guidelines that churches can follow if they think they might have a problem that will help clarify whether everything is working correctly.

He needs to limit the project to “wet systems” – with water in pipework.  These are typically associated with gas boilers.

As part of his project, he intends over the next month to interview 10-15 people who have been involved in renewing such a heating system for their worship spaces or halls, so that he can ask questions about how they commissioned the changes, what they did when the system was handed over to them, and about any problems that arose and how they were dealt with.   His preference is sites where the work was done at least a year ago and prefers to interview face-to-face in Edinburgh, for sites where that is possible.” – contact