Care for the Environment in dialogue – 21st October, 6:30pm

From Interfaith Scotland:

To help explore Scottish Interfaith Weeks topic in a bit more depth, we are looking to host a dialogue where we can explore the issue of climate change and the approaches of different faith groups to the issue.

This is a particularly important as in December world leaders meet in Paris to finalise a climate deal which will determine how ambitious we are at overcoming this huge global issue that is beginning to impact on humanity and all life on earth. All of civil society will come together ahead of this meeting to call for tough and equitable solutions to the problems climate change causes across the world – but what role do faith groups in Scotland have? Paul Daly, Parliamentary Officer at Interfaith Scotland will lead the dialogue.

Paul brings knowledge and experience from his other role at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland where he works with a broad coalition of civil society organisations to campaign for action on climate change. The Dialogue will take place at the offices of Interfaith Scotland in Glasgow. To register interest please email also stating if you have any additional requirements.