Church organisations get substantial share of Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund.

The Scottish Government has announced a new round of funding from its Climate Justice Fund for projects in sub-saharan Africa. Amongst the winners were Eco-Congregation Scotland partners SCIAF and Christian Aid. In total, church organisations received 45.7% of all grants awarded (£1.3M).

The three grants are as follows:

  • Christian Aid Scotland – Improved Community Resilience through Increased Water Supply and Food Security (£410,484). Project in Nsanje district of Malawi to increase water supply and food security for 1,500 households.
  • Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) – Water for Agricultural Production (£473,213). Helping small scale farmers in four Rwandan communities to use rainwater harvesting and wastewater technologies for agriculture, improving food and income security.
  • Tearfund Scotland – Enhancing Water Management in Rural Malawi (£417,132). Sustainable safe water and water rights governance for 6,000 households in Balaka and Salima districts of Malawi.

Click here to view details of all grants awarded.