Climate Change – Can I make a difference?

Eco-Congregation Ireland has published a very good resource on a Christian response to climate change.

If we want to create a just world, we need to begin with ourselves and look at how we relate to all other living things. What we have done in the past, what we do today and what we will do in the future has an impact beyond ourselves. Climate change is a global problem requiring a global solution. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland must play their part in addressing the impacts that climate change poses. Deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and significant scaling up of support for adaptation and low carbon development are critical and urgent in order to tackle climate change. If everyone on earth created carbon emissions on the scale of the Irish, we would need three planets to survive.

Although it covers specifically Irish issues it also contains useful information that is equally relevant to Scotland.

You can download a copy here (pdf file) or view an online version here.