Climate Justice Baton visits Carlops Church. #cop21baton #cop21

Carlops Church was delighted to have a visit from the baton for a week in September.

While in the Carlops area it passed through many hands. It spent a day with the pupils at West Linton Primary School. The older children researched its travels round Scotland and gave a presentation to all the younger classes. it was ‘guest of honour’ at the School Assembly along with seven members of the Carlops Church Eco Group It spent evenings involved in various activities with the School Running Group, the Brownies, Guides, Boys Brigade and Scouts. It was involved in serious discussions and also took part in ‘eco’ games!
Its last visit of the week was to the children of Carlops village who ran with the baton round the Rock Field before carrying it into the church and passing it round the Congregation during the Sunday morning service.

It goes on its way with the hopes and good wishes of all who have held it in their hands.