Cyclone Pam : update

Internet connection has now been restored to Tuvalu, one of the world’s most isolated small island states and very susceptible  to the impacts of climate change.  From there the Rev. Tafue Lusama writes

Tuvalu was badly affected by the cyclone, especially the outer islands. A state of emergency was declared on Friday last week due to the fact that a lot of residential houses were destroyed and plantations by wave surges.

 The Church is appealing for any financial assistance that can enable us help those who are affected in the form of food and clothing.

The UN  reports on Vanuatu can be read here:

While tropical storms and cyclones are an ever present danger in the region the increasing sea temperatures in the Pacific are likely to increase the intensity of storms.  The damage and destruction caused by Cyclone Pam is caused by a category five cyclone and we can expect to see more such huge storms as climate change continues.