Eco-Congregation Award for North Parish Church, Stirling

North Parish Church in Stirling has received their 1st Eco-Congregation Award. Congratulations!

Principally the award was awarded for:

– Their structured approach to reducing energy usage and the carbon footprint of the church buildings by first having a professional survey by the Energy Savings Trust, implementing the improvements and monitoring the benefits on a regular basis and showing these visually to the congregation.

– The work done on insulation, a high efficiency boiler system, the solar panels, PV panels and a control system to manage energy usage and heating in the building.

– Waste recycling facilities to encourage good practice.



– Making all users of the buildings aware and responsible for doing the right thing for our world.

– Plans to install a cycle rack to encourage sustainable models of transport to the Church and the example set by the Minister himself.

Well done and Happy Easter!