Eco-Congregation Environmental Chaplain walks to celebrate John Muir

Eco Congregation Scotland Environmental Chaplain, Trevor Jamison, is walking the newly opened John Muir Way this June to celebrate the life of the Scottish-born, American naturalist, author and environmental campaigner, John Muir.

The 135 mile long route runs from Helensburgh on the River Clyde (from whence the young Muir departed with his family for America) to Dunbar (his birthplace). Inspired by the botany and geology of his new homeland, and by the language and outlook of his religious upbringing (if not by all its practices), Muir’s writings influenced many in America, being instrumental in the adoption of Yosemite Valley as a National Park.

Trevor says, ‘by walking the John Muir Way I want to affirm that his concern for the environment is one that Christians share today. I also want to encourage Christians to find language about creation that both reflects our gratitude to God and also speaks effectively to others who, whilst sharing our concerns, are reluctant to identify themselves as church people.’

The Church of Scotland website has reported on Trevor’s walk here.

Trevor is walking between the 6th and 16th of June. If you wish to know more or be updated about his progress please contact him at

To find out more about the John Muir Way visit

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