Eco-Congregation Scotland congratulated by Scottish Parliament.

A motion by Sarah Boyack MSP to the Scottish Parliament congratulating Eco-Congregation Scotland has received cross party support.

The motion reads:

Eco-Congregation Scotland’s 300th Registered Congregation

That the Parliament congratulates Priestfield Parish Church in Edinburgh on becoming Eco-Congregation Scotland’s 300th registered congregation; considers that churches and other faith groups across the Lothians and Scotland play an important role in raising awareness of environmental issues and promoting low-carbon behaviours in communities; recognises what it sees as the long-term contribution of Eco-Congregation Scotland and, in particular, the charity’s work on the challenge of climate change; further considers that the programme is ambitious and aims to influence attitudes and encourage action on both a local and global scale, and notes that the award scheme recognises significant achievement and the principles of good practice and commitment to tackling the scourge of climate change.

We would like to thank Sarah Boyack MSP for taking an interest in our work and encouraging her colleagues to support the motion.